High-Key Photography
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Wednesday, November 08, 2017
By Eva-kerti Freyss

High-Key Photography

High Key is a style of photographic lighting that aims to reduce any hard contrast or dark shadows.
So basically it means that the images taken are free from any harsh lines.
It is often used to suggest an upbeat, lighthearted mood.

High-Key portrait photos allow for the model to be the only important subject matter in the composition.
The background is completely white or black so there is nothing to
distract your eye from the subject.
This particular style of portraiture is very desirable for todays minimalistic trends in design.
It allows wall portraits to blend comfortably with all types of interior concepts.

A few props may be added for a specific theme.
Many clients will ask for portrait of
their children with food items for a kitchen theme,
others may request a bathroom
theme, or a favorite toy.
These props are used in a very specific way in order to
maintain the clean lines of the High-Key style.

Eva was born and raised in Sweden, so her Scandinavian background is apparent in
her love for clean lines.
Eva has been using her signature High-Key photographic style for 30 years,
providing beautiful, timeless, memories for many, some for more than a generation.

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